How to withdraw Nextcloud access: Android app still has access to cloud after password change

Dear Nextcloud experts,

I believe I do not properly understand something very fundamental about Nextcloud.

I thought it was time to change the Nextcloud password and so I changed it under settings → user → security. As expected, I now needed this new password to access my Nextcloud in the browser.

What I did not expect, however, was that the Nextcloud apps on my two Android devices could still access the data! My expectation was that the apps would redirect me to the “grant access” screen upon attempting to synchronize the data, so that I would then need to enter the new password. This was not the case!

How is it possible that these apps can still access the cloud despite the password change? How can I withdraw access permission for these devices?

Thanks very much,

Your described behavior is expected. Existing authorized sessions don’t loose access after password change. You can revoke access for individual session from user > personal settings > security (https://cloud.domain/settings/user/security). If the client still has connection with the cloud you can even request the “data wipe”

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It is exactly as you say. Thanks for your time and clarifying.