How to view activated social sharing apps?

We are working on a share url feature on social media for a NC app, and for that we would like to use the social sharing app.

From our understanding it uses the OCA.Sharing global. However, we cannot seem to access OCA.Sharing. We do have access to the OCA global, which contains Accessibility, Search and Theming (but not sharing?).

To our understanding, each social sharing app (Facebook, Mail, etc), adds an external action in OCA.Sharing. We would like to loop over those elements to create the appropriate share actions.

We have activated the following apps (among others):
Social sharing via Facebook, Social sharing via email, File Sharing.
When sharing a file or folder (in the file sharing app), we do have access to the “share via email” and “share via facebook” buttons. We would like to replicate that behavior in another app.

An alternative would be to get a list of activated apps. Would this be possible? We could do this to check if the appropriate social sharing apps are enabled.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Posting my solution in case someone needs this in the future…

In the front-end we use the OC global to access the list of installed apps:
Find it here: OC.appswebroots