How to verify the fingerprint of the Nextcloud self-signed certificate?

Hey guys. I’ve got a VPS running my Nextcloud instance (KVM: Ubuntu 18.04). I have direct VNC access through a web portal and ssh is working fine, but Nextcloud client has suddenly complained about the certificate it is receiving when it’s connecting to my server. The server hadn’t been restarted to my knowledge, but after receiving the dialog from Nextcloud client, it has been restarted for other reasons. I’ve been using a self-signed cert from Nextcloud.

I checked the fingerprints against my ssh pub key, but they differ, so I’m guessing Nextcloud uses a different key from my system itself. That or I’m actually suffering a man-in-the-middle I guess. I’ve been searching for about a half hour solid, and can’t seem to find any info on verifying the fingerprint of Nextcloud’s self-signed certificate. I’m not sure if I’m simply Ducking the wrong thing or not, but I haven’t had any joy yet. When I try to access the web interface I receive a certificate with the same fingerprint as the client is telling me, but I still don’t know how to verify this fingerprint from the server end. I didn’t have this issue before, does Nextcloud auto-renew the certificate? How can I know if this is what happened, or if something else is going on?

Any help would be appreciated.