How to use the Host Disk for Storage?

i run latest NC for my self and a view users. I have a server with 4TB Disk and installed NC in KVM virtual machine.

I now notice that the space is filled up. On Host i have 3TB free of disk space. I now can resize the virtual Disk, but a single file with lots of TB is not an good option for maintaining i think.

I could install a samba server on host and use the smb addin in NC to connect to them, but iam not sure if this is good practice, since i must administrate the users on samba too and perhabs performance over smb is not very good, i think.

What do you think should i go for a stable an easy maintained storage connection? What is best practice?


I dont think, that using the host disk a storage is a good idea.

When you have big virtual Servers, you end up with big virtual disks, thats part of the game. Just be sure to know your Filesystem limitations, like for example vDisk size on NFS can not exceed 16TB. In most usecases the limits are astronomical and the 16TB is a pretty low one, but nonetheless. Migrations etc. of course take a long, but thats how it is.

When i used a dedicated NAS for Storage, i didnt use the NAS directly but just placed the vmdk there (i am more the vmware guy). The extra virtualisation layer just gives you that extra bit of control and flexibility, which i would not like to miss.

Hi Ascendancer,
your right with virtual Servers and big vDisk. But i thought more in the direction of central storage as backend for files and not for vServer. I thought i can have small vDisk for OS and Programms and the Storage for files.

As an example, if you need 10TB on Storage for NC, than your vDisk of your Server would big like that and that sounds horrible for me, but if i have central storage it would be no problem, i think. But perhaps the technic is far enought to handle that.

My setup would look like something like this:

/ 20GB
/var 10GB
swap 4GB (depends on memory)
/tmp 50GB
/data 2TB

This are 5 vmdks or vDisks if you will. if you choose to mount a storage device directly as /data this is completley your design choice.

Even with my setup you have several smaller files for the OS. You also can use one 50 to 100 GB Disk for OS (size of /tmp kind of restricts maximum file size, so i choose it big) and a very large Disk for Data. Using a vDisk for Data is, as said before your choice, and from my point of view, its more convienient to have a vDisk as Data storage. You are right in the point, technic is far enought to handle that. The extra gain in performance via dedicated storage is useless unless you are a really big company, and the easy of handling things via vdisk is more important to me personally. Of course you must understand your Virtualisation platform good enough to not make a mess on this front. But as a Certified Virtualisation Dude, i certanly can help you with that too :slight_smile:

Thx Ascendancer for your help. Sadly no other has an other opinion, but perhaps thats why your right :). So i will go to upgrade the Disksize of the VM as a solution for now.

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