How to use the backport of Nextcloud for my app?

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I would like to use the backportbot by Nextcloud ( GitHub - nextcloud/backportbot: A bot to help with backporting in the Nextcloud server repo ) for the workspace app ( GitHub - arawa/workspace: Create shared workspaces and delegate management of their members and groups ).

But, I don’t know how I should use it with GitHub ?

How do I “install” it on my Github project ?

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The bot is a registered app on Github as far as I know but not available for everyone. @skjnldsv do you know more about this? Do we limit the bot to “our” organizations?

Hi @ChristophWurst :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “the bot is a registered app on GitHub” ? Do you mean the bot is already available for some repositories ?

I don’t know if it’s available for everyone, but it’s noted in the developer documentation :point_right:

So, is this section is for Nextcloud’s developers only or not ? :thinking:

The bot is registered on Github, but not listed at GitHub Marketplace · Apps to improve your workflow · GitHub

So I think it is limited to the organization Nextcloud · GitHub.

We can clarify that in the documentation.

Arf… Okay… I don’t know how I have to manage the workspace app for nextcloud 25 with the new update of @nextcloud/vue to version 7.3.0 :point_right:

If I understand, with this update, I cannot use it for Nextcloud 24 and below ?

I look at no Nextcloud apps and I see Vitor used your backport : Bump vue-template-compiler from 2.7.13 to 2.7.14 by dependabot[bot] · Pull Request #1380 · LibreSign/libresign · GitHub

So, I think it’s possible for a no Nextcloud apps ? :thinking:

Edit : Aaaah no ! He used a private backport for this app :open_mouth:

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Off topic but yes. v7 requires 25 IIRC.