How to use tags in Nextcloud 18?

maybe a silly question, but how can I use the tags? I only see this function, but I can’t do anything with that:

I have the same question. it doesn’t seem to do anything when click the Tags button. Did you find out how to use Tags?

I checked this with a docker nextcloud 18.0 with activated App " Collaborative tags" Version 1.8.0. In my case a box opens and I can add a tag name to that file.

See screenshot
1 open detail view
2 click on dotdotdot
3 choose “Tags”
4 New text area opens to add a tag name

Please check, if you have Adblock addons activated in your browser. Maybe this blocks something. Add an exception for your nextcloud domain or deactivate that addon for test purpose.



Thank you for testing.
With 18.0.1 it’s nevertheless not working for me.
Tried chrome and firefox with and without blocking addons :thinking:

I retested this with docker image for version 18.0.1 RC3 and i confirm that failure.

Retest done with docker, nextcloud version (read via OCC Web). It works fine.

This is odd, my version is the latest: 18.0.1 (no docker image) but it’s not working

It’s solved with 18.0.2 :slight_smile: