How to use Password for file sharing (e. g. share by mail)?

I do not really understand the way how nextcloud handles passwords for shared files and hope somebody can point me e. g. to the help or any other documents on this topic…

i can share files and folder e. g. based on somebodies e-mail address … not problem.
If I configure “Share by mail” in the settings to send a password by mail the password is sent in clear text to the recipient. I think in the past it was sent to me, and i could forward the password e. g. by a screenshot.

But there seem no way to recover this password e. g. if it lost.
The GUI (web or desktop client share feature) has a password field filled with dots.

**On the right side of this password file is an arrow pointing to the right … **
I can click on this arrow … but nothing happens.
I expected, that may trigger a password is resend … but this seems not the case.
So the only thing I can do in case of a lost password is to generate a new Password.

I case the setting “Send password by mail” unter “Share by mail” is not enabled the password is gone after enabling the share… I need to copy the password first, before enabling the share, otherwise i seem to have no chance to get the password again.

So i can handle the situation … but the usage seems a bit strange. Do i use this feature in a wrong way?

In the help i have not find any real information how to use this kind of stuff, so I would be happy if anybody could clarify this usage…

Last but not least:
The behavior was very similar over the last view releases, so I think the next cloud version is not really relevant, but currently I’m on 22.2.3 and the stable release channels says 22.2.8 is latest version, so I will update today (I think i have read 23 is already out?)

Thanks for any explanation


This is not inherently different from any other service / account I know, except from the fact that this specific password is auto-generated and it’s tied to a link instead of a specific user. You cannot retrieve existing passwords for regular Nextcloud accounts or other online services either. Usually the only way to get access to an account for which you have forgotten the password, is to reset the password respectively to set a new one.

Maybe the app “Guests” is the better option.

Hello bb77,

the main problem is, that if i do not use “send by PW by email” (what I do not really like) and if I do not copy fast enough … the password is immediately gone and I see only dots.
Sometimes I give multiple people access to the same folder and this is then difficult to handle.
Guess I will try Guests as devnull recommends (thanks for this one).
In any case: I still do not know what is the arrow on the right side of the Password field … I can click on it, but it seems not to have any function ?!?

I agree, that the functionallity is somehow similar to other tools … but the implementation in the GUI seems a bit strange

Thanks for all answers


Yes you have to copy it immediately after you set the checkmark for password protection. Once you clicked somwhere else and the menu goes away you cannot retrieve the password anymore. But if you managed to copy the password immediately after you created it, you could then store it somwhere safe, like for example in KeePass, in order to re-send it securly to the respective users.

Yeah that’s probably the better option for permanent shares that are repeatedly used for multiple users.

Thanks for all feedback… seems I’m using this correctly…