How to use OnlyOffice with a instance?


I’m trying an instance of Nextcloud demo and I have enabled OnlyOffice.
I also disabled Collabora Online
But impossible to make it work.
No new menu is displayed. My desktop files do not open under OnlyOffice.
Should I set something ?

Thank you in advance.

For OnlyOffice it’s not sufficient to enable the app from NC’s app store. You’ll need the OnlyOffice document server as backend. Usually it’s run as docker container on another machine. Apparently the demo instance of NC has Collabora (the backend) installed, but no OnlyOffice backend.

Your only chance to thest this with a demo instance is when you provide an OnlyOffice document server which is accessable from the internet over HTTPS. If set up correctly, you should be able to add the OnlyOffice URL in the admin UI (category “OnlyOffice”).

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