How to use Nextcloud with Owncloud data

Hi everyone,

I’m setting up a new server (debian 8) directly with nextcloud but I want to keep the settings and data from my old server (debian 7) with owncloud.
So I installed nextcloud and importet files and oc database again. But now I can’t login, when I try it says “internal server error”

what is wrong? Is there a way to get a nextcloud with my old data?



I think the best way is to install ownCloud on the new server (same version as on the old one) -> import database -> copy files. If it’s up an running, then you can use the upgrade path to Nextcloud.

Or upgrade to Nextcloud on the old server. An then move to the new server.


You migrate ownCloud to the new server, then you upgrad to Nextcloud (like a manual upgrade in ownCloud, except you take the files from Nextcloud). Check out that you don’t skip major versions, you can do:
OC 8.2 -> NC 9
OC 9.0 -> NC 10
OC 9.1 -> NC 11.

If you get errors at some points, especially internal server errors, check your logfile for more details.