How to use Command Line Client to mirror a desktop folder or move files from it

I have read
but I am not sure if NC CL can do one way syncs.

There is a desktop folder where files and subfolders will be modified, and I want these changes to be replicated on NC. So if I delete/rename/move/modify a file on desktop, NC should delete/rename/move/modify it in the cloud.
Since no changes will be made to the folder on NC, the default sync may just work. But, is there any way to prevent NC from making changes to the source folder?

On another note, I would like to use NC CL to move files from a desktop folder to NC. NC CL sync options suggest this is not possible, but there might be a work around like:

  • set a desktop folder to sync
  • sync the folder and get confirmation that all files are copied
  • remove folder sync flag
  • delete files in the folder

any hints much appreciated

Maybe the DropIT app might be the right choice for your problem:

There is a script to upload files using this app:

rcloud …

Create another user and use that user to sync with the desktop. Then do a group share with read only access to the users that need access. We have a multiple template folders that we do this with to update laptop users with autocad and Office templates. That allows you to create multiple users pointed to different shares on the same pc or network drives. This also allows you to use the nextcloud desktop client to do the sync.