How to use AWS EBS Storage

I have a fresh install of the AMI from AWS Marketplace. (NextCloud V.12 powered by IVCISA).
I attempted to add S3 external storage, and after moving a few files around got a locked file error and couldn’t google my way out. So, I terminated the instance and started over.
This time, I attached a 100G EBS block to the instance, formated the drive, mounted it at data/.
lsblk shows /home/ubuntu/data at the mount point.

With the environment ready, I loaded the web install. using /home/ubuntu/data as the data path. This failed. can’t recall the specific error, but it didn’t like the path.
So I tried the actual mount path ‘data/’

Now I have the error…
“Your data directory must be an absolute path
Check the value of “datadirectory” in your configuration”

Now with no way to go forward or backward… I’m stuck.

Does someone know of a nube level detailed tutorial on setting up storage on AWS?

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If you are using apache as a webserver, mount ebs at /var/www/nextcloud/data and then give directory proper permissions.

Then remove nextcloud config.php to reset installation wizard and leave data dir as default. Connect to DB and done!