How to use an external USB drive as main Nextcloud storage? Instructions unclear

Hello :wink:

I have ran into a problem. I would like to use my external USB drive connected to my Raspberry PI as main NextCloud storage.

I have installed Ubuntu with NextCloud appliance using this guide: Install Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi - Ubuntu Appliance | Ubuntu

In the NextCloud documentation, I have found the following:

1. Format USB drive (optional but check note).
2. Enable [`nc-automount`](
3. Configure Nextcloud data to be on the USB drive.
4. Configure Database data to be on the USB drive (optional).
5. Configure Swap on the USB drive (optional).

Firstly, the link from 2. is not working, but I managed to find:

Navigate to nc-automount in the TUI or the WebUI.
Change ACTIVE to yes.
Click Run or Start.

But I can see no nc-automount installed on my PI, neither can I find anything like this anywhere on nextcloud.local in my browser… There is no ncp-config installed either.

What could I be missing?


The instructions you are referring to, cover the installation and configuration of. NextCloudPi – Own your bits, wich is a completely different “appliance” with its own management tools. The Ubuntu appliance that you installed, uses the Nextcloud Snap Package. Instructions on how to use that are available here: GitHub - nextcloud/nextcloud-snap: ☁️📦 Nextcloud packaged as a snap