How to Upload Images with Android Client when they are considered uploaded

Hi, I had serious trouble with NC for some time and finally decided to reconstruct databases with OCC, which worked. The Android Client could upload images which it couldn’t before. However, while the database reconstruction repaired the folders, it also lost a number of images which had been uploaded before the problems occured. Now the Android Client thinks those files are already on the server and does not upload them again.
There are consequently around 600 images not on the server.
How can I get them there? They are still on the smartphone.

on android in the app for the folder your reffering too you have autoupload set ?

in settings of that folder you have checked

upload existing files

Yes, there are several folders set to auto-upload, and in each I have checked “upload existing files”.

Still around 1.3 GB worth of files has not been uploaded.