How to upgrade to the last version 20 (Plesk extension)

I’m using NextCloud 19.0.4, installed on my server with Plesk’s extension, but I can’t see nothing about the upgrade to the last 20.

When I open the section “Administration -> Overview” I see “19.0.4… Your version is up to date” (update channel: stable).

So, if I want to upgrade it, how can I do?
When the v.20 will be available on the stable channel?


this questions or questions like this have been asked a dozen times, already.
please search the forum before posting!

in short: either you change the channel to beta for a little while and get the newest release from there (switch back to stable afterwards)
or you download the version you want from and install it yourself (manual knows how)

or you just wait until it’s gonna show up in your stable channel since it’s deployed in waves.

and !!important!! whatever you might do, take a backup!!

so now I’m just closing this thread.