How to upgrade Snap to from 19.0.3 to 20


I currently have nextcloud snap 19.0.3 installed on my server, but i cant find a way to upgrade it to 20, have u guys not release a snap version for 20 yet? cause i used this website as a guide to change the channel for refresh b4, thats how i upgraded from 17 to 18 and from 18 to 19 back then, but i dont see any option for 20 :frowning:

Hang tight, we generally don’t release new major versions for the snap until at least the first point release. We found a blocker bug, too (it was fixed for 20.0.1). You can test it out and follow progress here if you like:

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tyvm for that, i guess ill wait then for 20.0.1 to be oficially release and also ill wait to update my other 2 nextclouds that are on a normal instalation, since u have that bug i dont want it to affect those 2 cause those r my companys servers hehe