How to upgrade php 7.0 to higher versions, running on rp3 and ncp

hey ncp-world :wink: and @nachoparker (as well, of course)

i was wondering how i could update my rp3 to php 7.1 or even 7.2.

i am running php 7.0 on raspian lite 9 running on a rp3.

just trying to upgrade php via shell? is there anything i should take care of?

looking forward to you hints and suggests :wink:

looks hard

you would have to compile it yourself, or wait until it is available for Raspbian

awww. ok… so i’m gonna be patient and wait until it’s officially out for raspbian.

awww i just found out that most likely php won’t receive any more (offical) updates under debian 9.

That’s the thing with debian… we are just starting the two year period for this release.

Anyhow… any major improvements in the latest PHP?

When NextCloudPi first came out I was bringing the packages from Stretch into Jessie in order to use PHP 7.0, instead of the PHP 5.0 that ships with Jessie.

That worked mostly fine, but there were some weird incompatibilities from mixing packages ( php-smbclient, for instance ).

That being said, if the benefits were really important it could be done again.

well noob that i am i don’t know about any major changes that could turn out to be important. unless this one app - “password” - isn’t working with php below 7.1 :wink: