How to upgrade in a Virtualmin hosting enviroment?


We recently migrated off of ownCloud and onto Nextcloud which is hosted using Virtualmin Pro. Each VM Pro instance puts certain files in the public_html directory.

So when I go to upgrade Nextcloud through the App Updater, I get the following message:

Check for expected files
The following extra files have been found:

_ stats
_ icon
_ awstats-icon
_ awstatsicons
_ .well-known

Is there a way to whitelist these files in the App Updater so that I can still use the excellent WebUI to update Nextcloud?

Thank you!


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I’m afraid no. I’m also intersted in that question.

I had a similar problem with ISPconfig, i had to delete those files and folders.

Darn, ok. I’d rather not delete those files, so maybe I’ll try my hand writing an Ansible playbook to automate the task.

Hi Ryan,
I know it’s little bit time passed away, but interested how you doing with virtualmin extra files and folders, and maybe anything else you have to overcome? Thanks

Hi. I never got around to writing a playbook to upgrade Ansible on a standard C-Panel type host like Virtualmin. I’ll start one this week and let you know where I’m at. I definitely need one since it’s been such a manual process to upgrade.

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