How to upgrade from NC19 to NC21


I’m currently using the latest NC19 version at my shared web hoster.
What’s the best way to upgrade to NC21?
Directly from 19.0.9 to 21.0.0? Or shall I first upgrade to latest NC20 version?

Or shall I wait until at least 20.0.1 is out?
Or don’t upgrade to v21 at all ;-)?
What problems / issues do I have to expect?

I don’t like the photo app and still use the patched old gallery - does this still work at NC21?
I also don’t want any whiteboard, deck, special entry page or similar - so I assume (hope) I can that things switch off after installation?

What about changed preconditions/requirements? Will the upgrade-installer tell me if something is missing in my hoster environment or does not fulfill the requirements for NC21?

if you wanna upgrade to NC21+ pls take the step via NC20 as skipping majorversions isn’t supported.

it is already out. I think we’re at 20.0.8 or such. if you meant 21.0.1 it’ll be out in a few days… and of course there will be less bugs in it…

that’s only up to you. at some point in your life there will be no way around this version.

usually devs are sure that there won’t be any major problems when releasing a new major version. working with it does bring out some bugs, though. you might wanna search the forum yourself to find out about some problems, bugs that had been detected after the release of NC21.0.0

I don’t really know. But as it is already patched don’t expect it to be running under NC21. Though it could happen, that it does run.

Just to make this thread complete…

Inbetween I upgraded to v22 (now 22.2.3) and switched my PHP version to v8 - the upgrades worked without problems and the old (alightly patched) gallery app is still working :upside_down_face:

But: the preview generator app seems no longer be compatible with v22 - which are bad news… :- :thinking:

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App Preview Generator is still supported.