How to upgrade between distros? Devuan 4 -> Debian 12


I need to migrate my nextcloud from a Devuan 4 machine to a new machine running Debian 12.

Devuan 4 system:
apache2 2.4.56
php 7.4
mariadb 10.5.19
Nextcloud 25.0.13

Debian 12 System:
apache2 2.4.59
php 8.2
mariadb 10.11.6
Nextcloud 29.0.1

How do I perform the migration without loosing data? Old and new versions have different requirements for php, so I can’t just copy over the old Nextcloud version, since Debian 12 doen’t have php 7.4 (even not in the backports). And the old Devuan 4 doesn’t have php 8.

I only use distro packages, nothing self-compiled.

What should I do?

Please follow Migrating to a different server — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation regarding php you will found discussions on the forum - use search!

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