How to update to 1.8.0?

I see in NC appstore, the latest version for “mail” is 1.8.0, but I’m still having 1.7.2. How am I supposed to update it? I usually get notification whenever there is update for any app installed, but never got anything for mail 1.8.0 and NC-server does not offer any update for “mail” in apps-list…

assuming that you are on 20.0.6 there is a regression that I just fixed. 20.0.7 will get you the latest Mail

ref Fix/app fetcher php compat comparison by ChristophWurst · Pull Request #25335 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

I’m on 20.0.5 and can not upgrade to 20.0.6 because app “mail” is missing update (I have “mail” app 1.7.2, update to 1.8.0 is not offered to me)…

wait for 20.0.7

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20.0.7 is available, and nothing has changed. I can not update from 20.0.5 because “mail” app is 1.7.2 and has no update for this version…

this is wrong information due to the exact same bug that doesn’t list Mail as availabe on 20.0.5/20.0.6.

trust me and update anyway, the app will be there.