How to update the publisher info of an app in the store?

I鈥檝e been the maintainer of Keeweb - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud for a while now and Jonne Ha脽 also agreed to I add my name as well in the app info.

However the store entry is still the same without my name. So the question is: how can the publisher info be updated? Do we have to delete the app completely and add it again?

There is already an issue at the app store as far as I know. You have to ping one of the admins.

I will forward this URL to one of them.


I asked one of the admins on how to change the authorship. He instructed me to forward the following (translated by me):

Hi und sorry for the delay. Could you please open an issue at Issues 路 nextcloud/appstore 路 GitHub and link to the forum topic? Please also collect some (official) confirmation by Jonne Ha脽 and link it as well. Without consensus of the maintainer, it is not possible to do some changes here.

I think you might be in the best position to open the issue and obtain the confirmation.

Just a remark from my side (as I took over another app as well): There was a challenge to be solved by signing some text with the private key of the app.

The app is still being published with the same Git action as ever. The repository was not changed, I was just added as maintainer and also to appinfo/info.xml. However Jonne Ha脽 did not find any way to update the store information at all and the data in appinfo/info.xml from the app seems to be ignored in the store.

But I created a Github issue for that and also added Jonne Ha脽 there so he may also add his confirmation for this change.

I opened a Github issue here: Change author information of 路 Issue #986 路 nextcloud/appstore 路 GitHub