How to update PHP in the LXC NextCloud container in Proxmox?

I have a container created in Proxmox using an LXC container, my NextCloud cloud is deployed on it
My characteristics:

- Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
- Next Cloud 25.0.9.
- PHP 7.4.3-4ubuntu2.19 (cli)

I want to upgrade the NextCloud version to 26.0, but for that I need to upgrade PHP to version 8.x.
The latest supported PHP version is 8.2. (looked here )

Does anyone know a way to update PHP in Proxmox?

Probably the easiest would be to configure your LXC Ubuntu to use the Sury PHP PPA that has newer PHP’s in it. But you could also upgrade/replace the LXC Ubuntu with a 22.04 based Ubuntu image which would be a better supported combo along with getting a newer PHP version.

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