How to update ncp in docker?

Hi at all,
I’m in this configuration
Raspi 4 4Gb with Debian (Debian GNU/Linux 11. 5.15.76-v8+) installed in external SSD at 64 bit.
I’ve installed nextcloud image from ownyourbits in docker by portainer.

When I log into 4443 port the ncp web page it says “version 1.50.4 is avaiable” but I’m stuck in 1.50.2 and I don’t know how update.
I try to understand using manual and reading forum but I see nothing to help me.
In previous version (before 1.50 if I remeber well) if I click on the warning badge the update start automatically; after the last versions this is not possible anymore.
Can anyone guide me to do this update or link more clarifying guide?
thanks in advance

You encountered two special behaviours.
The first one that docker updates are only possible by pulling the new container. This was changed because there were issues with different states of the containers.

The second one is that the last two were only done because of the curl installation. So I think there are no new containers because they would be the same as 1.50.2

Thank for the info.
So I’ve only to wait for next image.
Is it correct?

Yes, it is correct.