How to update file data store on Nextcloud Hosted my a Synology NAS

I Installed Nextcloud using these instructions.

But a few times when i went to delete a file before it finished processing or doing a background task like finishing copying files over it deletes it but its still there in the WebUI

In the Windows File manager i go to the Synology NAS SMB and go to /nextcloud/data/'Username"/files and see that the file is gone.

I then go and SSH into the Synology NAS and move to the same folder and confirm that the file is gone.

But again on the Nextcloud WebUI the file is still there. I go and delete it and it disappears but comes back when i refresh the page.

I believe i have narrowed it down to the File Datastore it stores everything on and that i need to update it using OCC.

But i cannot use OCC since i’m not using full linux but instead using Synology NAS.
I can SSH into it but am limited to the commands it gives like how i can’t install different programs.

Is there a different way to manually update the File Datastore?