How to update design collabora

hey guys,

after i success with integrating collabora online with my nextcloud, i upload my powerpoint document and the design isn’t the same when i open it with my ms office.

can anyone help me with this problem ? or do i have to update collabora ? or do i have to install plugin for collabora?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Aris_Pratama

Due to the implementation of the OpenDocument Presentation (odp) within PowerPoint is not fully compatible with the actual Microsoft PowerPoint features it would make certain documents look different in odp format. This is unfortunately a slight incompatibility problem between Microsoft Office and OpenDocument standard.

For example, I am trying to get my company to support OpenDocument standard more, since plenty of engineers and support people work on Linux, not Windows, and would like to create documents. But converting the existing Office templates isn’t as straight forward as just saving them into OpenDocument standard since Microsoft has certain own features and implementations which get lost during the export.

This is unfortunately something for which no solution is available.