How to update apps?

Yesterday I updated NC from 10.0.1 to 10.0.2 and activated the built in Contacts app 1.5.1.

At Github the latest release of Contacts is 1.5.2

Is there a recommended procedure to update the Contacts app?

There’s no built in contacts app. Update to Nextcloud 11 and you can download the latest app from the store through updating the app on the apps page

Ah, ok.
That means, that in versions before Nextcloud 11 there is no regular function to update the apps at the admin apps page.

Is there a web-updater for updating from Version 10 to 11 similar the updater from 10.0.1 to 10.0.2?

No, 1.5.2 is simply not published on the old store. As for updating from 10 to 11, there is an updater, Google might help you :wink:


Didn’t recognize, that the admin apps page is working like a store with downloading, installing and starting of apps, because there is only an “Activate” button. Thus i was thinking that all the apps at the admin page are part of the nextcloud download package and are already installed.

coming back to the original question:
is it possible to update apps manually by simply replacing them inside the apps folder via FTP or would this result in any errors for my installation?

background story:
My news app throws errors and the latests version apparently fixed this issue.

Yes, however make sure that you run the build if you download the source :slight_smile:

PS: @cubefoo I will release a new version right now so just wait

Edit: published 10.2.0

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Wow, thanks a lot @BernhardPosselt !
Didn’t expect to get feedback this fast, on top of that on a public holiday.

I can happily confirm your latest update fixed the HTMLPurifier error messages that kept showing up in my server logs.
btw: happy easter!