How to test an app update locally?

I wonder how I can test the local update of an app.

If I increment the version in the info.xml I get this message: " The files of the app (viewer) were not replaced correctly. Make sure it is a version compatible with the server.".

I reallly didn’t change anything in the “viewer” app. If I revert the version number the message disappears.

Any help is really appreciated.

I guess you need to pull the viewer first so it matches the version requirements in general.

Afterwards the change in info.xml is the way to go.

Thanks for the response. I didn’t work on the viewer app.

What I do is:

  • fresh clone of the stable21-Branch
  • fresh installation with these files
  • my app in a custom-app directory

If I then change the version number in my info.xml it starts complaining about the “viewer” app.

so it matches the version requirements in general.

Where can I see these requirements and how can they change if I only change my app.xml?