How to take over app ownership?

Hello community,

I have found and read the topic about the transfer of ownership of apps.
I am in the position that I am currently the co-maintainer of the cookbook app but the main maintainer has left the project for personal reasons in a hasty fashion. As a result, I have the private key to create/sign app releases and have access to the source code. Unfortunately, I do not have admin rights on the app in the app store. As a result, I am sort of restricted in my options.

Also, I would like to add another co-maintainer to prevent the same situation from happening again if I fail for some reason to hand over the project (or be not available for some time).

So, I think, I need contact to a human administrator as the suggested solutions so far do not cope with my case. How can I find such an admin or her/his account name?

Thank you very much!

Hi Christian,

if you haven’t been able to contact anyboby yet and noboby contacted you, I suggest you try “the old fashioned way” – by phone. Just keep asking and don’t let them hang up until you spoke to somebody that is able to help or knows exactly whom you must contact. That shouldn’t be too hard, right? Just dare call… :wink:

But I’ll also send you an PM with an email address that I got when my repo was switched over to me.


Just send a Pull Request to replace the key in

@nickvergessen I do have access to the current certificate. I can use it to answer a signature challenge if requested.

The thing is that I am only configured as co-maintainer in the app store. Thus, I cannot administrate the app in the store. Especially, I cannot add further co-maintainers. That is what I need.

Thanks for the PM.

The thing is that the GmbH has no phone number that can handle calls (at least ATM). Will try further.

Ah got it now.
I set you as the App owner and the mrzapp as co-maintainer