How to take over an unmaintained app?

Hi all,
I like the “mp3 player” app - but it needs some housekeeping and updates.

I tried to contact the git-owner libasys via every channel I could find - without success.

What is the suggested process then?

  • Fork it?
  • or create a copy in GIT under a different repository name?
  • release under a new app-name in the Appstore?

Its under GPL - should the origin be named to be fair?

Any practical advice is apreciated

Yep probabaly best to fork it. That also makes merging changes back easier (if the original maintainer responds).
Regarding the appstore probabaly best to contact an admin there to see what to do.

Fork it and if you’re doing more than cleaning it up, then maybe rename the repo as well.
Use a different name in the app store to avoid confusion.

You’ll have to keep the author in the code, info.xml, readme, etc.

[quote=“oparoz, post:3, topic:1265”]
Use a different name in the app store to avoid confusion[/quote]
Good point.
I try to register an account since a week at Never got a response. Also “request PW” doeas not work.
Anyone knows if it is still maintained at all???

All people that helped fixing bugs there found a new home, so I don’t think, that anyone is working on it.

So, how to publish a new app then?
Anyone still has access to approve users?