How to synchronize: contacts and calendar on Android 7.0

Hello everyone!
I’m need some ideas/support for synchronise my contacts and calendar on my new phone LG G6 with Android system 7.0.
I don’t no want use google or microsoft for my new phone.
I would like some privacy :wink:

So someone can be help me with that ?
The app Nextcloud is on my phone already but now I want synchronize my contacts and calendar.
I already install all thing on Outlook with CalDav so I need a trick for my phone now.

Thanks in advance for you help.


There is no native cardDAV or calDAV support in Android, but the davdroid-app can do that for you:

Furthermore the DAVdroid app settings can be sent from the Nextcloud app. It’s a good setup to have. @davdroid

Thanks @tflidd.
I’m going to try this app.
I find this one before write my post here, but I wanted to check if there were any other options.
So DAVdroid is the best for that.

Thanks @JasonBayton. Like I said tp @tflidd I’m going to try this APP.

Hi @tflidd and @JasonBayton!

I did it with DAVDroid and everything working well.
So now My NexCloud is synchronize with my PC and my Cell Phone (LG G6 with 7.0 Android).
The best 5$ :dollar: I placed in my life :grin:

Thanks again. :+1::ok_hand:

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I’m really glad it’s working well for you!

For future reference, Davdroid is actually opensource and free software. You can get it (and other Nextcloud specific apps) from the F-Droid Store. Simply download the apk and install.

After installing F-Droid, you can install things like the Nextcloud app, Davdroid, Nextcloud Notes/News/SMS apps, etc free of charge :slight_smile: That’s part of what makes Nextcloud and it’s open ecosystem great!

Hi @DarkSteve
Thanks for this I ne er heard about fdroid is a free platform. So I think I can cancel my buying. Or download many other app here. No need to have googleplay.


No problem :slight_smile: F-Droid is great for open source apps, but you’ll probably find that there’s still a few things you’ll use Google Play for.

I’m running Cyanogenmod instead of Android (I don’t have Google Play or any google apps), and as good as F-Droid is, I still had to install other stores to fill in the gaps!

Do remember if you pay you’ll support the development of their app. Every little helps.

No judgement either way, just putting it out there!

Ok It’s true so I support DAVDroid. That’s it :wink:

That’s true, but I’d rather donate than give a third of the money to the worlds largest advertiser :wink:

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Is there a good way of donating without giving a large share to someone else?


You must use SolCalendar is a calendar with CalDAV

I have DAVdroid running on my Android, I have linked it to Nextcloud but nothing seems to be going in either direction. Do I need to do anything on my Nextcloud to make sure it can sync with DAVdriod. I am using the URL/Name authentication.

you may just need to tap on the actual contact collections inside your dav app on the phone to make sure it actually syncs!


DavDroid is working nearly fine for me, but a big Problem exists:

  • Synchronizing contacts in both direction is ok.
  • Synchronizing calendars is only possible from Nextcloud to Android 8. If I download a new calendar entry from Nextcloud to Android, I can also modify it in Android and resync to Nextcloud. But if I make a new entry in Android, it will not show up in Nextcloud.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

For info:
DavDroid changed its brand name to DAVx⁵ and it can be found by that name on F-Droid.