How to synchronize a passman's safe between two NC servers?

Hello, is it possible to synchronize a safe between two instances of NC ?

I don’t think so, since Passman’s data resides in the database and is at least salted or otherwise mangled with the server’s instanceid, passwortsalt or secret, which you don’t have on the other end. Also, remember that the server can’t decrypt your passwords, to synchronize them anywhere - that was one of the core principles of Passman.

Ok, I tought it could be possible because of the safe’s independance with the server. Even synchronizing a crypted safe would suit me.

Afair, when I had to restore my NC instance and I created a new one from scratch, I had to use the same instanceID, because I wasn’t able to login to my Passman vaults until I did that to the new installation. Even if you did that and you were able to ensure that the instanceID were the same - which doesn’t seem a good idea to me anyway, you couldn’t expect both databases to be worked with at the same time. That is, only one database could be open to changes and the other one would only be updated by the “master”. As soon as you’d actually use the 2nd one, there would be no way of consolidating that…

What’s the reason behind your request?

I would like to back up my hosted vault somewhere as a precaution. The thing is I don’t have access to NC instance as it is a professional hoster that serves it.