How to sync Nextcloud default files folder on iPhone 8 to Nextcloud server?


I cant figure out why its not working.

I have a iphone 8 with Nextcloud Liquid for iOs installed and Nextcloud server 21.0.3.

On the iPhone there is a default “Nextcloud” folder located under “On My iPhone” folder. This folder was created when the Nextcloud app was installed. I have placed files in this folder, thinking this folder would be auto synced to the server. However I cant find these files anywhere or this folder online in my nextcloud files. The other folders and files in the nextcloud app are syncing fine.

Am i missing anything? :slight_smile:

Thanks for any support.

Please share a screenshot.


Please see attached.


Hi @xbmcgotham - I am encountering the exact same issue and found your thread. Did you find a solution?

Just seen your screenshot.
This folder is for Nextcloud, but you should not touch or modify its content.

Use the iOS Files app to open your Nextcloud folder structure. There you can add files/folders.