How to sync events Colors?

Hi there,

I just installed Nextcloud on my server and i’m facing a problem to sync events colors in Nextcloud calendar between my PC through the Web and an Android smartphone.

I use Nextcloud 21, and aCalendar+ on my android.

On the phone I can change color of all events but it’s not syncing with my PC that I use to go to nextcloud interface.

Is there a way to make it work together?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Franck_LONGO

What do you use to sync getting your phone? DAVx5 is capable of syncing event colors but it has to be activated in the settings I believe


Hi Simonspa and thanks for your answer.
I tried with DAVx5 and OpenSync. Unable to sync colors with both of them. I uncheked “Choose calendar color” in the settings. But when it’s cheked it’s the same.

This is what it looks for me in DAVx5:

Yes in fact it works with DAVx5…
Thanks Simonspa

And for iOS there is a way to have the events colors?

I have the same problem with Contacts Groups not sync with iOS