How to stream audio files

I have the Music Player app installed on the nextcloud instance. I am able to play files in my web browser with no problem, and I am aware that there is an API for Ampache, and Sonis.

What I am curious about is the ability to stream the audio. Is there a way to call a link similiar to a webdav process and pull the file to stream it? Or a way to request the file and have it download?

Use perhaps the app “SharingPath”. But i think it is no good solution.

There is video default but not audio. Perhaps someone could write an issue. Thanks.

You may stream audio trough webdav trough webdav uri dav(s)://username:password@sub.domain.tld/remote.php/webdav/foldername/more folders/or/file.mp3

Usually these urls require http ascii so if your user is name@domain.tld @ is typed %40 to not miss the @ where user:password is divided by domain name. This counts for most special characters

I personally use soumi music player or kodi on android but is not related to nextcloud.