How to stop client from constantly knocking to server?

Hi, all.

The problem is that Android client is sending periodically requests to the server every 5 minutes or so. Due to that the hdd of my home server cannot go asleep even at night because of those constant http requests (GET /nextcloud/index.php/204 HTTP/1.1). And this is not acceptable when I’m using wifi at work or in public places. Is there some way to make the Android client stop that unwanted behavior? I tried to enable/disable syncing in Nexcloud account on the Android device but that setting has no effect.

I have Nextcloud version 13.0.1 and Android client version 3.1.0

If you have no files offline available, I suppose the Android client won’t have to do these checks…

This might still happen - it is probably so that we can notify users of changes on the server (activity log) and perhaps even an incoming call or comments on files. I don’t think you can turn it off and I’m not sure if that makes sense either. Perhaps you can configure something on the server to have the disk go to sleep faster or something. In the end, I think that for most people this is useful (your client notifies you of events on the server).

It can’t be turned of afaik this is done to detect walledGardens so it should then only be happending when connected to a wifi network while if connected to a wifi network we will always do these checks.

Thank you for your time.

I have a desktop with windows NC client (built in MS client didn’t work for no apparent reason) and the NC client keeps polling the server even more often (every 3 minutes or so). And davfs2 on my Linux laptop works just perfectly from my point of view: it polls the server only when I try do do something with the files. So such behavior is possible and hdd can sleep happily even with webdav share mounted to my laptop.
Anyway, might it be possible to add the chance for users to explicitly log out from the account in future versions of the Android client if they want to do so? This could eliminate the issue (and help to save some battery and add more security when I’m out of reach of my local NC server).