How to start over?

I’ve just reinstalled my server’s OS and installed AIO. I tried to use my borg backup but it won’t work. It’s only really the files in the backup that I’m bothered about and I still have those backup in somewhere else.

So I thought I’d go back to the beginning but I can’t! I logged out and back in again and it just dumps me on the backup screen. So I deleted the containers, pruned the images, re-downloaded the AIO image, opened up my browser and it’s expecting me to give the AIO password instead of giving me a new one. If I enter the old AIO password I just get a white page with ‘Log out’ in the header and ‘Nextcloud AIO v7.10.0’ in the body.

How can I remove all of the old instance?


How to start over?

See GitHub - nextcloud/all-in-one: The official Nextcloud installation method. Provides easy deployment and maintenance with most features included in this one Nextcloud instance.

Thank you - those are the instructions I found… it didn’t work. I’ll just have to reinstall the OS. At least I didn’t put all my eggs in the borg basket!

edit: I must have run my docker-compose file both with and without root. No OS re-install, thankfully!