How to share the share link?

I have a question for a small work group of carpenters. They want to send emails to their clients with images of their work. In the past they simply attached the images to the email. But this led to crammed email boxes. I have installed them nextcloud such that they can upload their images and send the link.

Now every team member has an own nc account. The customer images are shared among the team. If one is writing the email, he or she is sharing the specific folder by link and attaches it to the email. Unfortunately others do not see the share by link option in the shared image folder.

Is it somehow possible to share the share link among the team? Now it seems every employee has to create its own share link. Which is not what they want.

No, thats not possible, the share links are for each user. There was once the guest app ported over from ownCloud: that would help you I think as the clients would be just treated as users!

that’s a pitty. In this case we need to use only one account managing all share links.

Thank you for the feedback!