How to share files between users?

Hi everyone.

How do I share files between users? Is there a public folder or something else?


Normally you share e.g. a folder or files with a user name.
Go to sharing and search the user in the field:

Name, E-Mail-Adresse oder Federated-Cloud-ID ...
Name, email, or Federated Cloud ID ...

You can create a folder, share with read/write and then use it in both ways.

For more uses you can use group folders

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Thanks for your answer. But when I type a username, it does not find it. Do I have to install any app to support it?

Sorry, I can not upload images, it gives an error.


no app necessary.

just type the 3-4 characters of your desire user, nextcloud should show them like auto-completing form

It does not! It says “No element found!” :frowning:

Maybe it is because the users objects are read from AD LDAP server. Is it why? It only shows users objects created locally?

Anybody can double check it, please?