How to share an entire account with all contributors

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I installed nextcloud on a dedicated server and everything works fine.
I think I use it in my company, but I can not share correctly:
how to share the entire account of a “secretary” user with all other users?
I created an external storage Local (… data / secretariat / files) shared with all users, except “secretariat” not to double the files for the user “secretariat”
All users can drop and delete files, but the user “secretariat” does not see them
And if the user “secretariat” files a file, no other user has access
how to remedy this?
Is there another method?

thank you very much

You probably don’t need to use external folders for this task. Could you create a folder from the Secretary account, then share that folder with all users? Everything that happens in that folder would be seen by everyone including the Secretary.

Yes thanks
I had already done so
but for internal organizational reasons
it was easier to share all the data of the user “secretariat”
We will still think a little

Do you still have any questions about how to share the data? I probably don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish.