How to setup syncing as a user

I’m new to Nextcloud and I’m just a user and am quite mature so I am not real tech savvy. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

My adult son has setup a Nextcloud server and has asked me to use it. He created a username and password for the wife and I. I like the idea and think it offers several advantages so I’m working to get started. I’m at an impasse.

The computer is a MacBook pro running Catalina and I downloaded the desktop app for MacOS, but when I register my son’s server as the provider I get a window with a progress bar across the top which remains blank and only offers a back button.

Thanks for reading and help will be appreciated!

Hi, which Browser are you using ? Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave or others?

thanks for reading. I am using the latest version of Safari.

No problem Chubbles, maybe you try another browser like Chrome, just to make sure this have nothing to with this “browserbugs”. The other thing is switch between http://“yourprovider…” and https://“yourprovider…” in the differents browsers. This migth help me to understand your problem. Good luck. sambila

I’m a bit confused by the wording here. Are you having trouble accessing your son’s site via the desktop app or via a browser?

The desktop app is mainly used for syncing folders between your computer and Nextcloud. However, the Nextcloud website will also allow you access to a calendar, contacts, notes, and whatever else your son has added to his Nextcloud server.

You may need to ask your son for advice, too. It’s possible the issue exists with his webserver configuration. For example, it may work well within his home, but be inaccessible outside of it. There may also be problems with his security certificate, DNS settings, or any number of things.

If he’s using a self-signed certificate, that will also cause issues on some devices (I’m on Windows and FreeBSD, and not familiar with MacOS).

There are sometimes issues with versioning. For example, years ago I tried using the Notes app on Android 4.4, but the app wouldn’t connect to my Nextcloud server. It turned out the app installed but required at least Android 5 to function.

Maybe your son’s server is configured to work well with older software but not newer stuff like catalina. For example, most modern apps and software requires a minimum of TLS1.2, but maybe your son uses TLS1.0 software, so he hasn’t noticed any issue.

I’m afraid you may have to contact your son directly to describe the issue and troubleshoot from there!