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I cannot enable the use of the email (that is with automatic configuration. what can I look for?

Thank you

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Hi @Renato, in the settings menu, check if your IMAP host and SMTP host is correctly configured with the correct port and login details.
Maybe use the manual configuration can help you.

you mean here?

When I try to connect (from this screen)
Schermata 2021-05-01 alle 13.07.09
If I try in automatic mode, I receive the message saying something like “Unexpected error during account creation”

Hi @Renato

Not every mail server supports auto discovery of the settings in combination with every client software. Have you tried to click on “Manuale” and enter your settings manually?

yes, I’ve tried but maybe I do not insert the right parameters…
Iklook for them on parameter but it seem they are not the right one.
Can you show me where do I have to look for? )

I know this is a strange question, but I cannot tell about in different way…

found this with a quick search…

…are these the parameters you tried?

yes, this are the parameters. I’ve done another proof (copy and paste the parameter) but still doesn’t work…

Now I try to drop and create another one from scratch

I’ve tried also with a gmail account, but it still doesn’t works…

it is always more misteriouse…

In order for external IMAP/SMTP clients to access Gmail, this must first be allowed in the settings of Gmail.

What was the exact error message? Why do you post screenshots of a gmail account and not screenshots of the manual settings you tried?

ok, I’ve tried with account again
Manual configuration
I post image so you ca check if everything is ok or I made some error
Schermata 2021-05-01 alle 18.58.47
Schermata 2021-05-01 alle 18.59.22

the error say: (less or more…)
“Unexpected error during account creation”

I see ******* everywhere in your screenshots. But the rest looks fine to me. Does it work if you try it with another email client like Thunderbird?

I don’t know why all this @gmail
Now I think is correct

Schermata 2021-05-01 alle 19.51.12

Now, I do not see any @gmail
with my Mail (on Mac osx) it works…
can you check (in some way if the client send good information to the server? (because, i.e. now I would be sure that client send the right information…

Looks fine to me. Is there any kind of two-factor authentication active on your account? Other than that, I can’t think of much else unfortunatly… Or maybe a search in the forums can give you some more ideas, what the problem could be…

…nothing at all…I’ve tried with another pc with windows 10, I don’t know what can I try …
I seems that some data are incorrect…
Or, anything else…

I’ve tried with two different account ( and @gmail) the I’ve tried with 2 different s.o. (Mac osx 11.3 and windows 10…


I am not actively using the email app myself. But i do test it now and then on my test server and it worked for me everytime. Did you click on the link in my preivious post to see if someone already had a similar problem?

You may also check out the Issues on GitHub…

If that doesn’t get you anywhere, you could open a new post with details about your Nextcloud installation and the corresponding logs or open an issue on GitHub. In any case, your problem doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the settings…

Ok,I’ve already seen it, but I check it again.

I’m wondering if I can Have another server to try it and try to isolate the prob (is my prob or a server prob?)

so I can go on

Do you have another address where I can look for?

Thank you


You have already tried two diffrent accounts that otherwise work with diffrent mail clients. Why do you think that a third account will suddenly work automagically? But you can of course try it with other accounts. But I’m not going to put a list of free mail providers together for you… Sorry.

No, I don’t mean e mail account, I would try with another next cloud server. now I’m making my proof on and I’m not using e-mail client. I’m doing all via web at the address I post before


I personally have no experience with hosted Nextcloud providers, so I cannot make a recommendation, But Nextcloud has list with partners on their website…

can I made other proof? It’s a mystery to me what are happening