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The issue you are facing: None really, I just was looking for some documentation on how to set up the directory structure for Nextcloud. I have been looking and can’t find anything on how to set things up. I just want a cloud data server that will let me share my files on my home network. I want an existing file structure shared. That seems a pretty simple thing to do, but not apparently in Nextcloud. Many thanks in advance.

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I do not really understand what you want, can you give an example?

In Nextcloud, you have one large data-folder where Nextcloud puts all the user files. Then it’s up to each user to figure out how they want to manage their files. By default, this data-folder is within the Nextcloud-code (just the data-subfolder) but you can put this datafolder anywhere else. Some put it on a separately mounted storage.

If you are talking about the few files and folders each user has at the start, you might want to take a look here: Providing default files — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Many thanks. What I have is a Raspberry Pi 4 working as a FileServer in my home. I have another PI running as my Media Server (Plex Server) and the third Pi handles my security cameras. All are managed from my Fedora Laptop.
What I was looking at Nextcloud to do was take over the FileServer’s job and maybe act as an application server. I currently have a file structure on the FileServer and implement network shares using SAMBA. That works great, but I wanted to try a new technology, specifically Cloud, to see if there are any advantages. As a first cut I simply wanted to run NextCloud on the Samba server and set up my shares in the same way. But I couldn’t find anything in the documentation that discussed a philosophy for how to configure the file structure to maximize the capabilities of Nextcloud. Since I use a PI as my file server, I was especially interested in using External Hard Drives (USB drives) as the storage medium. I currently have two 1TB drives connected and configured as a Raid1 storage. This is where all my files reside. So I wanted to configure Nextcloud to use the same file structure so I don’t have to do a lot of file transfer.
Many thanks for any help you can provide.