How to set ldap app array values via occ

I try to configure nextcloud via ansible. So I can use only occ. Problem is I need to set multiple Values in ldapBaseUsers. I.e the output of occ ldap:show-config --output=json-pretty
Should look like this:

  • ldapBaseUsers
    • foo
    • baa

However via occ ldap:set-config ldapBaseUsers foo I can only set one value. Anyone any idea how to add a second value to the array ?

I tried occ ldap:set-config ldapBaseUsers foo baa which gives an error about to many Arguments and ... "foo baa" ... "foo\nbaa" ... '["foo","baa"]' which all create one Element with the literal string.

Thanks for any help.

did you check out OCC: Setting an array configuration value already?

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I recommend to accept this as solution, as this is excactly how array of values are set. :slight_smile: