How to Set Default Program to Open Known File Type?

Simple Request:
User clicks .xlsx document, file opens in Microsoft Excel
User clicks .pdf document, file opens in Adobe Acrobat

How do I specify which program opens a given file type? Seems to me this should be a very basic and fundamental setting. We do not use or intend to use Collabora.

At a minimum I need to disable the association to Collabora so that the default action is to download and pull the association from the operating system so it handles which program to launch

Thank you

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I assume you are talking about Web interface. Unfortunately there is no (easy) way implement your request. Local OS can only control local content - it comes into play once the file becomes local - in term of Nextcloud after the has been downloaded. So what you are asking for is to download the file automatically and let browser/OS decide how to open file… but this results in a bad situation as the file is edited locally and has no relation to Nextcloud anymore… once editing is completed the user must re-upload the file to Nextcloud manually…

but back to your question - if you don’t need/use Collabora just uninstall the respective app - the “download” becomes default action for office files (text and picture files still open/edit within Nextcloud Web). Or just use the client and edit locally synced files - the client will upload changed versions to the server…

Hi wwe, thanks for the response. All that makes sense, and default to download is going to be what we need to implement. I did not realize Collabora was installed because we keep getting errors that Collabora is not available.

I’m sure many have been having this problem so the solution is that even though you are getting a Collabora not available message, Collabora is in fact present and needs to be disabled from the apps menu.

much appreciated

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