How to send a mail withe the mailclient (sent-button?)

Hello all,

i’ll try to send a mail from the mailclient but i dont found the button to do this. Or is this the wrong way. The connection to my mailserver ist ok and the work with received mails also works verry well.
Any idea?


in general we would need more information(s) about your instance…

so all i could do right now is just shooting a more or less general guessing out, thinking that you might be using email-app over rainloop-app.

if you’d take a very close look to the left column of your screen with open mail-app… the place where you find “inbox”, “sent items”, “favourites”, etc… the very first entry, even above “inbox” should be “+ new message

see it?
try clicking it.

did it work out? - hopefully. because if not we indeed would need more infos about your setting (as mentioned in the beginning)

ps: and if you already have found this new message button and are stuck in the new email window… the "send button" will be activated only if all neccessary infos are given (correctly) to send an email

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@JimmyKater, your reply is a great example for a really benevolent supporting answer, far from the usual “rtfm” replies unexperienced users sometimes receive in the depths of some communities :slight_smile:

Even if this kind of commitment takes quite an effort, I think it reflects nextcloud’s spirit quite well.

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:blush: :blush:

Hello Jimmy,

thank you for your answer but i dont found the send-button. I have take a picture of my screen:

This is what i see if i gererate a new mail with the “+ new mail”-button and fills in the mail-fields.
On witch position it will bee?


aww. i see. is the right column (the email-part) scrollable? b/c you should find the sent button in the lower right corner.

does this happen with this one user (“udo”) only or does it happen to more users as well?

Your tip is the right way: the button ist behind the chat-window ;-). If I close this I found the sent-Button.
Thank you for your help!!!