How to select app?

Hi there,

I got the app “Owncloud” installed and activated.
WHERE/ HOW can I select it?
Thank you.


What do you mean with select?
On your mobile device?

Please provide more details otherwise your questions will receive no answers.


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thank you for your answear.
no, on my computer.
the app is installed, but how can I “open” it?
I can go to the menu, where I can see all of the apps, but how can I execute them (in this case ownpad).
There are only some apps in the menu on the top (left)…


For ownpad see;

This application requires to have access to an instance of
Etherpad and/or Ethercalc to work properly.

Do you have this requirements present on your system?

This does not look like an extra app with UI. You can open such files and edit them like shown in screenshot.