How to see activity of all users in GroupFolders?

I can see users activity in my shared folders. It’s OK.

But, how to see activity of all users in GroupFolders?

Think you want to add this to list of things which don’t work with groupfolders.

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Any progress about this issue ?

We have serious problem about group folder files activity

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there is at least one github issue filed… so this would “solve” this thread… not in a really good way, true. but there’s nothing more we can do about it.

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Found a workaround

İn mysql server try running this where $epoch is epochtime-86400

#mysql -u root -D -e “select from_unixtime(timestamp),type,user,SUBSTR(SUBSTRING_INDEX(oc_ldap_user_mapping.ldap_dn,’,’,1),4) ,app,file,object_type from oc_activity LEFT join oc_ldap_user_mapping ON (oc_activity.user=oc_ldap_user_mapping.owncloud_name) where timestamp > $epoch”

I get the results of daily activity at least in shell.

Fortunately there is progress:

Backport to 18 is coming :+1: