How to Secure Nextcloud's Contacts?


Currently, all the accounts I have created on my Nextcloud server are displaying the complete information of other Nextcloud users when accessing the address book section.

How can I disable this?

It depends on the scope set in the profile: Contacts / CardDAV — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Disabling is in the works: fix(CardDAV): allow disabling of the system address book by miaulalala · Pull Request #39925 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

I am currently using the latest version of Nextcloud, which is 27.0.2, after making the necessary adjustments as attached.

I tried creating a new user, and after logging in with the new account, I accessed the contacts section and still saw the information of other users.

There was no change. Please provide further assistance and advice.

Probably because the Pull Request hasen’t been merged yet.

Thank you,

So what exactly do I need to do to solve it?

You can restrict access with the following options under Administration Settings → Administration → Sharing:

If no one should be able to find anybody you probaly have to uncheck all the above options.

Great! Your guide is effective.

The problem has been handled.