How to restore from backup

I have NC17.0.3. The DNS supplier failed to inform me about renewal and suddenly the site was not accessible. I did not understand the issue immediately so tried to restore the server with a 4 week old snapshot. This means that added users and data are lost since that day.
I have daily backups so I think this should be solved easily :crazy_face:
This is the first time I will do something like this. I would like some instructions. Unfortunately it seems I have not saved a new backup of the database:

  1. I assume I should set the server in maintenance mode.
  2. I have complete backup of the etc/ and var/ folders. Can I just copy those over to the site? Or should I take some subfolders separately? Delete the existing folders before copying over new data?
  3. Anything more? occ files:??


Users created after the snapshot are lost as you do not have them in the database.

Since you do have there files you can recreate them manually and restore the files later.

First Restore the files from the same date as your last database.

Then you should have a working system from there restore user data files from your more recent files backup and let NC scan them.

Then recreate users that were made after the snapshot. Restore there files and have NC scan them.


OCC command
occ files:scan --all
occ files:scan – username