How to remove the help section from the menu?


i’m running Nextcloud 15 rigth now and I’d like to remove the help section from the menu. The menu is on the top right under teh profil picture. Right under setting.

I was trying to find it in my web ftp but there wasn’t any point for this.

If I understood you correctly you need to add this to your config.php:

'knowledgebaseenabled' => true,

true enables the Help menu item in the user menu (top right of the Nextcloud Web interface). false removes the Help item.


I think if you want to disable it, it will be :wink:

'knowledgebaseenabled' => false,
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Hallo, thank you very much. It is working. I’ve past this coe already liek last week but it wasnt working. The proble was that I wrote true instead of fale :rofl:

Thank you, it is working

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Yes, you’re right. I just copied it from the Documentation and forgot to replace it :sweat_smile: